Tuesday, September 13, 2022

Nostalgia Time

 September 12, 2022

I visited Millbridge with Kathryn, Janet, and Jackie. It's been a long time! (My first year of teaching was at that school....51 years ago!)

We took the long! walk around the whole building, which included a number of add-ons. It was good to see them and catch up.

We ran into former fifth grader, now teacher, Kathy McHugh

    The day before, we were at Prospectors on a nostalgic night. Joe White was there teaching and dancing and mingling. I was blown away by the fact that so few people we've known and danced with for years are actually unfamiliar with The American Cowboy Company (30 years ago?).  We had fun, nonetheless. 

Roberta, Tom, and Joe White- Olden Days

Joe White  and Roberta today

Tom today

Friday, September 2, 2022

Fun in New York City

We did it! NYC State of Mind photos

Aug.28-31  We took the train in, stayed at the Manhattan Club, saw two shows (Aladdin and Harry Potter), hooked up with Millie and Harry for lunch and Cody, Zoe, and Sarrah for dinner, and toured the Natural History Museum (and got there and back via subway!) 
I am ready to go back for another show ASAP!

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

August now...2022

Still no Covid for me and fingers crossed to stay that way.

I hope Tom feels well enough to get a trip to NYC together for us sometime this month. Driving to FL is too far; I'm not comfortable with driving to Myrtle Beach either....although it would be great to see Joanne.

Hot hot hot and our air conditioning is running to be 71 degrees at all times....

Caitlin's baby Mason (born July 2) is adorable and much adored by all.

Sue and Patrick bring them food so they can peek in on him.

Jennifer got to meet him too.

We have seen all the movies and I am reading a lot, too. 

I finished the CE requirements for HRB for the next season and Lisa had a little party for us with award incentives. (Kalpna did 600 returns! OMG!)

We dance: 

I can't believe summer is going to be over in like ten seconds (well, that's what it feels like....time goes so fast now!)

Friday, July 15, 2022

Still looking through old photos. Here's a dancing clip:

Watermelon Crawl clip

Wednesday, July 13, 2022

Dancing trophy old days and what's new

 Tom's surgery on Monday had us at the hospital for 7 hours (3 waiting to go in! 2 procedure, 2 recovery (alone). He came out okay, but there is more surgery in the future.

He is very brave and we continue to dance....speaking of which....

Remember when we won a 2nd place trophy? and the old days of Prospectors?

2nd place trophy for Sweetheart Schottische

After the Reign

Also, looks like I am back in the SHIP counselor business (first referral since February!) It's been tough with Rowan dumping us, but applications for a new "sponsor" has been sent out. Fingers crossed!

Caitlin's baby Mason is doing well and Jodie's birthday was duly celebrated (both celebrated by us from afar, alas).

Saturday, July 9, 2022

Good old days

 Looking through old photos for Jodie's birthday, I happened upon this one....Tom and I were awarded the title of King and Queen (of  dancing) at Prospectors. So cool!

This was in 2007. The best part was getting in to Prospectors free for a year! Awesome!

(Now they don't even stamp cards for free night every ten visits  :-(  and raised their entry cost)

Those were definitely the days!

So today is happy birthday to Jodie. The Mays, Kayes, Arnolds, Moores, and more will be celebrating with her in person out in CA.  I hope they have time to "face time" us in.

Tom's surgery is back on for Monday and I pray all goes well. He's had a plethora of doctor appointments and bloodwork and tests these last weeks.

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Just another day in the life of..........

 Tom headed out for a stress test at 7 a.m.

Mike Comman called for a get together invite...which will happen after Tom's shingles clears up.

I attended a SHIP/SMP online symposium about diversity and equity. (and part two is tomorrow)

I had a frightening experience: I was standing on a piece of furniture (black upstairs sofa) and my foot slipped into the space between the armrest and the cushion and was (very tight and painfully) trapped. I was caught and couldn't get out and it was painful staying in the spot and agony trying to release it. I finally did, but wow! My foot still shows the aftermath. :-(

Also, here is a listing of the songs that were number one on all my birthdays!