Friday, September 22, 2017

Michelle and Roxanne and Home again...oh my

We got home Tuesday morning and later saw the movie "It". It was not bad, actually.
Wednesday was the BCEA Rep Council (my first as "audience") and dancing at Prospectors.
Thursday was a 7- 11 a.m. shift at Contact. I would have exercised on the way home (well, I was slow, but I would have, really), but then it turns out someone was assigned to sit outside the gym and let us know it was closed (!) because of plumbing issues, so I went to the Japanese restaurant and had lunch instead. :-)

Back to what happened on the last of the Atlanta vacation.
We danced at the Electric Cowboy, visited Michelle and Chris at their new home in Dallas, GA, and had dinner at Roxanne's the night before our flight date.

Visiting Chris and Michelle

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Sam and Ross and family in Marietta, GA

So I had an eventful return flight from CA. (read as stuck in Denver for an extra day....but turned it into a fun day) and Tom picked me up at 12:21 a.m. on Saturday instead of the expected Friday and I missed my SHIP counseling slot (changed to later this month) and would have missed the Montgomery Gentry concert Friday night but Troy died in a helicopter crash and it was cancelled. :-( So sad.

Here are photos of the Sam and Ross visit trip so far: Photos of the family and us

Here is their formal photo:

The kids are so cute! This is their lovely home.

Tomorrow we are planning to get together with Chris and Michelle who are now living in Dallas, GA. (And maybe country dancing tonight after dinner with Johnsons and neighbors.

Oh, and hopefully dinner with Roxanne, Craig, and Dean Monday night. (and then home early on Tuesday).

Tuesday, September 5, 2017

More visiting

After we got home and before I left for CA on Sept. 2 (Mommy's birthday- she would have been 94), I had a chance to visit Margie (while she was in NJ!) and play Scrabble and have lunch with her and Pat. Fun!

Tom drove me to the airport and I had an uneventful flight....just long. (Denver layover of like 3 hours). I read my book and I was happy.

Jennifer picked me up and I stayed at her house and met Anayah and saw Jassy. The next day we went to Palo Alto to visit Jody and Chris and Vivien. Sue and Patrick came too.

I went home with Jenn and we headed to Sue's the next day (Monday, Labor Day). Caitlin and Dave and his two girls came.

All other visitors but Caitlin left and we all took naps until it was time to head to DeeDee's in Oakland. Lots of Patrick's relatives were there and we had fun. We came home and played two dice games and then I headed to bed with visions of San Francisco dancing in my head.

Visiting Friends and Relatives

So on August 18 we headed out for Myrtle Beach.
Sadly, we didn't get to visit with the Karnell girls after all. :-(

We did see the eclipse, two movies, Captain George, two Joannes, Georgeanne, Vickie and Michael, Pirates Adventure, and the beach.

While we were in Myrtle Beach I saw an ad for inexpensive flights via Frontier Airlines, so I booked a trip to San Francisco. The flight description looked too uncomfortable for Tom so he opted out.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Golfing in August

After my SHIP counseling volunteer work yesterday, Tom and I headed out to play golf.

It was a really slow day there and we got out so late I didn't get to see Tequila Rose in concert at the library amphitheater as planned, nor dance at Prospectors. I was so tired!

Not to forget the bumper car-like jolt we got when our new friend/third player, Sean, didn't realize we'd stopped suddenly and hit us. Boom! :-(

We will be heading to Myrtle Beach soon, and plan to stop for a quick mini reunion with Chris in VA on the way down and have a mini reunion lunch in Wilmington, NC with Jo-Ann and Georganne.

Sadly, Margie and Mike will be coming back up to NJ just before we get down there. :-(

Sue celebrated her birthday in America this year. Cody and Zoe surprised her by showing up (they are currently living in Scottsdale, AZ and Seattle, WA, respectively).

Over these too swiftly passing summer months I have been plowing through Harlan Coben books (among others), reinventing a website for Sigma, working with constant contact for BCREA and mailchimp for my DEAR friends in addition to the usual dancing and movie-going and other fun things.

Don't even ask me about the hours and hours working on the Fundamentals of Corporations class for HR Block. Whoever wrote this immensely user-unfriendly online text and test questions really knew how to take the "fun" out of "fundamental". Ridiculous!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

All About Tom

Today Tom had some early morning surgery. This is part of a continuing follow up on his bladder cancer from five years ago.

On a brighter side, we had a delcious smorgasbord lunch at Shady Maple and then a wonderful show- Jonah- at the Light and Sound Theater in Lancaster, PA. It was a bus trip. Dolly came with us and she had a good time. Judy Clyde was our DKG trip organizer and she did a great job.

A interesting side note: when we returned to our parked car when the bus brought us back to the designated parking area, it was really cold with the air conditioning blowing when we got in and we realized that, although locked, the car had been running all day (12 hours!).  These new fangled keyless starting cars are very quiet. We had been watching a movie in the car while waiting for the bus in the morning and didn't realize that the car was still on. Who knew?

I am bringing Tom to the doctor's office tomorrow at dawn, but we won't have test results for awhile. I am hoping all is well and he won't have to start up the BCG treatments again.

We are looking forward to the Jamboree in the Hills.

I can't believe it will be July in two days!

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Nashville Limo

In a special treat yesterday, Tom and I got to hang with Shelby Lee Lowe, singer/songwriter.
We watched him perform at the Wildhorse (and we got to dance there, too! Whoo hoo!) and then went on a tour of Nashville and his working place with Banner on Music Row in a limousine! So much fun!
Shelby Lee Lowe onstage at the Wildhorse  in Nashville

Tom, enjoying the ride

Our host, Shelby Lee Lowe

Yes, this is my ride about town

Shelby Lee Lowe's writing room

Heading to Nissan Stadium, bridge walking