Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Lucky, but id theft alert

I got to the HR Office at 8. About 2 hours later, the pizza guy came in with my wallet (!) which he had found on the ground in the parking lot. OMG. Folding money was gone, but all (who knows ?) the cards, license, regis, ins card, seemed to be there.
Can you imagine? And how did I drop it? This could have been much worse. Thank God the person who found it knew me and recognized me from my license photo and brought it to me...and tG the former person who found it only cared about the money (hopefully...always a chance I missed something taken or they got the card numbers and will wait until I've forgotten the incident and start using them)

The Post was a good movie (I met Tom over there after work).

Hannah has to stay in bed in away from home in Little Rock for 8 weeks. Praying for Samuel David to make it; praying for a miracle.

Friday, January 26, 2018

Memorable skating duo performance

Wow...just wow....
Watched this as I procrastinated getting ready for work.
I am putting it here so I can watch it again and again.

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Flooding in Las Vegas

Okay, so it rained for the first time since September, but that is not the flooding to which I am referring.
Tom left the water running in the bathroom sink and it filled the sink and totally overflowed onto the bathroom floor and then the bedroom rug.... What a mess. Poor Tom.

Today we ate at a local restaurant and then went to the movies and saw Jumanji. It was great, really. How very clever.

Yesterday we had a sick day (it was raining then too).

Friday we grabbed Jennifer and later picked up Sue and Patrick. Too bad Tom and I were sick, but we all still managed to have fun while they were here.  Quick dark trip to Red Rock, dinner at a French restaurant, walking around some casinos. Sue and Patrick rented a car Saturday and they went to a fun restaurant for dinner and jenn went to one of the Circ shows. Sunday we went to the artsy section and took the Mays to the airport. Jenn and I shuttled onto the strip for a bit of walking around (and gambled away five dollars each) and then we took her to the airport.

Tomorrow we are having lunch with Stephanie. Whoo hoo. Can't wait!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Happy New Year!

We had fun at Prospectors....dinner and then dancing until about 10:30. It got a little too crowded and drunken so we came home to welcome the new year here.

It is so so cold! I hope we don't have any weather related incidents to keep us from our appointed vacation in Las Vegas (and our awaiting relatives). My fingers are crossed.

I am impressed that Hannah's new blog let me be a subscriber. I thought I might want to have my people get notification of any new items I post, but then I realize they (I'm talking about the DEAR friends blog) probably wouldn't care.

Oh and guess what? Tomorrow is my first day back at HR Block and I have a 9 a.m. appointment. What??!!???  Debby is planning to have that special meeting about all the important things coming up while I am gone. (Saturday night? Really? I think she will need to rethink that...)

Friday, December 29, 2017

The Jeff Memorial Video

Jeff and Alex

Jeff will always be in our hearts. This is the best:

I am so grateful that the boys posted it on youtube after Bradley's vimeo version was gone.

Hard to believe it will be six years this February that he's been gone.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Arkansas Christmas

We came to town for Mary Grace and Nathan's wedding (It was wonderful and they are now married and happily on their way to honeymooning at Disney World).

Beautiful bride, Mary Grace

Tom with Mrs. Harris

Our extended family with the newly married couple

The groom is one of triplet boys!
En route to the wedding we stopped in Hot Springs and Benton first to visit with Linda, Tim, and the boys, then Lynn Turner, and then the Steeles. (Harper, at four, is so tall...and beautiful!)

Brown's Country Buffet

Hot Springs Xmas lights

Lunch at a local Mexican restaurant

Tom and Harper

Matt, Harper, Jessica -the Steeles

Tom and Jessica (unintended photobomb by Matt)

Tom, Lynn, and Linda

Roberta, Linda, Tom

Timmy, Austin, Linda, Tom

Groom and bride at the rehearsal dinner

Announcing Samuel David's name; praying for him

Name unscrambled in record time!

Esther gleefully opens her toy stroller
In Springfield at the Goffs we attended the rehearsal dinner, helped with and attended the wedding, cleaned up, and enjoyed the siblings gift exchange the next day (so the bride and groom could be there before leaving on their honeymoon).

That night we took everyone to see "Star Wars" and today we went to church.

Sunday, December 17, 2017

Tripping for Christmas

Hard to believe I have to be up at dawn tomorrow because that is 24  hours before our flight to Arkansas on Tuesday.
We are so not ready.
Well, we have the flight and the car booked, so that's a good thing. But as for  stopping mail, alerting the police, making sure all bills are paid, finishing holiday cards, and packing...not so much. :-(
Plus our agenda for the week we're gone is non existent except for the dress rehearsal dinner Thursday night and the wedding Friday night.
Should be fun seeing everybody! Everything always works out for the best. :-)

I am over my four days in a row of holiday party gatherings. Time to exercise!

My eye is still an issue, sadly. I haven't been very consistent with soaking it and all. (I am secretly dreading the "squeezing it part). A stye  :-(  Really?