Sunday, October 21, 2018

Post birthday news

Jennifer went home but...she comes back in November for a quick visit (mostly for her old foster mother's big bash).

Tom's bladder cancer is back and we are worried. We'll find out how bad it is a week from Monday.

I've been doing a lot of long SHIP counseling sessions since the Fall Update meeting. Still going to The Max Challenge in Maple Shade. Still living with recurring eye styes and bad vision after sleep. Have been to a number of meetings, Association and DKG. Oh, and very successful Boscov's Day of shopping.....

Heading to Sugarfootin' Sunday in awhile, hoping Tom can manage without me for a few.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Jennifer's NYC birthday 2018

I am sitting here in our Brooklyn Airbnb polishing off the last of my breakfast (an avocado followed by leftover ice cream cake).
We will be leaving in about an hour to head to Bradley's for the last segment of the Birthday in NYC sisters adventure. The whole time has been so much fun!
Jenn came Tuesday night. Tom and I picked her up at the airport and we had dinner at the Long Horn.
I picked up Sue at the crack of dawn on Wednesday and then Tom drove us to the Hamilton train station. We took a subway to our place in Brooklyn (very nice).

Assorted activities:

Tugboat ride on the E. River

Ill-fated trip to the wrong cemetery
Subway ride to Times Square (Q)
Deli pre show dinner

Cemetery visit

Party prep/Movie- "A Star is Born"

Family birthday dinner and after party ice cream cake

Coming up: Visit with the Bradley Kayes

I also get to have the sisters with me for tonight and tomorrow. Airport departure: Sunday afternoon.
So much fun!

Monday, September 10, 2018

End of heat wave

After all that heat, yesterday was actually cold (and raining a lot) and now my nose is running.
That was quick.

Happy birthday (yesterday) to Margie Ferrare. It seems she is in NJ now until Sunday and I hope I get to see her. (It's hard to tell where she is at any given time!)

Ann had triple bypass surgery and Gina has been keeping me updated.

Yesterday was Sugarfootin' Sunday and I started the day at the free trial class at The Max Challenge. I invited a bunch of folks to join me dancing, but no one did (although one wrote to explain and still wants to come sometime). It was fun and I danced over 12,000 steps!

I met some new young friends and helped show them some dances, mostly Simone? and her mother, Kristen. Simone is looking forward to dancing with me again at the next one.

I am disappointed in Dan, the managers, response, or lack therof, in working toward Prospectors' participation in our Eastampton Day.

Free movies with movie pass is over for me until next cycle since I have already seen my 3 for the month (?) and I want to see Peppermint.

I was just thinking about the Edinburgh Fringe. I have been twice, but I can't remember the circumstances of my first one. Did I go alone? with Jennifer? Call Nancy Drew!

Today is still dark looking, but maybe not raining. I hope the Contact, etc. Walk for Suicide Day is still a go.

Thursday, September 6, 2018

First Day of School 2018.....Not! :-)

Delran started the 2018-2019 school year on Tuesday with two in-service days. The kids start today. I am so glad to be retired and not having to worry about anything school related, but amazed to realize this is the start of my 13th year as a retired teacher (July 2006 start.) Wow.

I am finishing my tenth week of The Max Challenge and still enjoying it. I have one more month now.

Jennifer and Sue have firm plans for arriving in October for Jenn's birthday and I am delighted that they will be beginning and ending with us here so Tom gets in on the action too. The Brooklyn stay in mid-trip will be fun and Hamilton!

Tom is being very brave about his health situation(s) and has visions of exercising (but keeps a bag of candy and cakes just in case).

Ilsa, who has been dealing with my hair for 30 years (?) or more has moved to Iowa and when I got my hair cut yesterday, it was different and sad. :-(

Movie Pass is on its last legs and I miss hitting a movie whenever I felt like it and having them all ready and waiting for me at any time. :-( But I can't's been a good run...for us, not them, sadly.

As time was running out (Aug. 31 deadline), Tom made vacation with RCI plans for us in November, December, and January. We have places, but no transportation set as yet.

I worry about my eyes. Otherwise, I feel pretty good.

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fun in NYC with Dolly

My first day in the 10 week Max Challenge to miss a class :-(  but I did have almost 10,000 steps walking around NYC with Dolly today.
We had an awesome lunch for Restaurant Week and saw Waitress, which was really good.

Here are some more photos to remember our trip by: Waitress and more

Current news: Tom has been having a lot of doctor appointments...including a chiropractor, which was a big help (until he golfed today....hmmmm). Move pass is in big trouble. No word from Jennifer to discuss travel arrangements for October. Eastampton Day is coming up soon. We had a meeting and while we were outside discussing placement of vendors, games, etc. we saw a huge herd of small deer frolicking in the distance.  Oy!

Friday, August 10, 2018

Still kicking!

It's practically mid August now...omg....why is time flying?

So we did go to Jamboree in the Hills and had fun, of course.

Since then we've been to many a movie (Movie Pass is in trouble,but we have loved the trip!), I saw two Broadway shows with Louise last Saturday, Tom had two dr's appointments today with a couple past and more to come....!

Randi's pig roast is tomorrow (we are all sad it is going to be raining :-(

I am going to NYC again Wed to see "Waitress" with Dolly and it is Restaurant Week, so we are going to have an elegant lunch that day too.

There is a video of us at kickbox day today doing the punch, jab, cross, uppercut routine (we were so uncoordinated! LOL) and when she got to me I stopped mid jab and clowned around for the camera. i wish I could share the video, but it was on the private site and I can't. Here are some stills from it. :-)

Haha, right?
I really do love this program!

Friday, July 13, 2018

Still MAX-ed out

Today is the last day of Week 3 and going strong.

The party for departing (and injured) teacher Noelmarie was very touching.

  On the way home I stopped and visited Chris and Dolly at HRB in Lumberton.

We almost went to see Skyscraper, but the new $3.60 charge for moviepass which just went into effect this evening changed our mind. (We did see Uncle Drew on Tuesday, which was surprisingly entertaining).

   Today is kick boxing :-)   and then I am meeting with a SHIP client at the library (having cancelled the Human Resources building due to the anticipated Friday Noel party....).

    I can't believe we are so close to Jamboree in the Hills!