Saturday, March 16, 2019

Do you know how old I am???

Wow, I can't believe how neglectful I've been of this blog! It's the middle of March and I can't even remember all the things that have happened since last I posted.

Well, the wedding was great and it was wonderful to see everyone.

The NYC and VA trips took up the first week that the IRS starting accepting tax returns, so I missed the start of the big time action during peak, and I was working like every day after that until recently.

There were other activities here and there (and of course movies and dancing!)

Helping at the library book sale

Rec Committee Youth Painting Workshop

Lunch with DEAR friends 

Birthday flowers from Jennifer

Finding old friends at Gee Gee lunch at Metro North

I went to Tom's bowling one night, too. That was fun. He is hurting now, though, so he didn't go this week. His hip is the newest addition to the pain company. Poor Tom!

We are already looking forward to this year's CMA Fest, now that we have secured a place to stay while we're there. I will look for a good deal on a flight out, but probably we will be driving.

No Jamboree in the Hills! :-(

Here's a link to a video in which I am not featured, but show up on the right hand side, dancing the 38 step:

This is a captured still from the end:

Thursday, January 31, 2019

New York, New York

Well, I have certainly been neglectful of this blog!
It is now 2019 and movie pass is gone, AMC is in. HR Block is back in action, although I am missing this first peak week with first our New York City trip we just got home from and the Jonathon Goff wedding we are heading to Virginia for tomorrow.
Other things happened in December, for sure, but tomorrow is February 1 and time marches on.
Here are some NYC pics:

My Fair Lady stage


Roberta and Zoe

Tom and Zoe

Manhattan Club exercising

Uncle Nicky's dinner with Millie and Harry and Jackson


Exercising with Theresa

My Fair Lady with Theresa

King Kong with Tom

Singing with Tom at Carol King's recording studio

As much fun as we could have in Arctic temperatures!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Still in NJ

We didn't go to FL yesterday after all. With Tom in mid BCG treatments and so uncomfortable it seemed a better choice to hang out here.

So. I had an adventure the other day. After a panicky realization that my credit card was missing, and a frenzied search of everywhere it could possibly be, I headed back to Charlie Browns in E. Windsor where I'd left it after lunching with Gee Gee two days ago.

That was the easy part.

Three hours after picking it up I got home. That wasn't the adventure. The adventure was getting from E. Windsor to the Mt. Laurel Coldstone Creamery to pick up 2 for one ice cream at Tom's request. I won't go into the frustrating detail. Suffice to say it was rush hour and Christmas shopping time (see 295, 38, two missed turns, Eastgate and Moorestown  Malls).

There is some confusion between my two Max locations, but I am back to full exercise mode and very happy to be there!

Movie Pass is turning out to be very difficult to get out of :-(  . I wouldn't care except there are never movies available on it for us. (Meanwhile, we joined the AMC one and it is fine.)

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Post Florida Part 1

It is now post Thanksgiving (thanks to Tom for all the good food!) and I am practically recovered from my suddenly painful leg issue while we were in FL.

The leg thing was from Day 1 and put a damper on any dancing plans, but we had sun and fun and couple of movies. Good times.

Just two weeks we will be flying down to warmth again. (That surprising snowstorm NJ had? We were happy to miss it!)

Thursday, November 8, 2018

NJREA Convention 2018

I worked at the polls on Election Day from 5:15 a.m. until about 8:45 p.m. (with a one hour lunch to eat and pack for Convention).
Tom drove us to Atlantic City and we checked in at about 11 p.m.

Here are my photos from the convention:

It was great to see everyone and I gleaned some more info re the health provider change.

We rushed home to a doctor appointment for Tom so I didn't get to the NJEA Convention venue at all this time.

Tomorrow at dawn we fly to FL!

Stacy and me!

Sunday, October 21, 2018

Post birthday news

Jennifer went home but...she comes back in November for a quick visit (mostly for her old foster mother's big bash).

Tom's bladder cancer is back and we are worried. We'll find out how bad it is a week from Monday.

I've been doing a lot of long SHIP counseling sessions since the Fall Update meeting. Still going to The Max Challenge in Maple Shade. Still living with recurring eye styes and bad vision after sleep. Have been to a number of meetings, Association and DKG. Oh, and very successful Boscov's Day of shopping.....

Heading to Sugarfootin' Sunday in awhile, hoping Tom can manage without me for a few.

Saturday, October 6, 2018

Jennifer's NYC birthday 2018

I am sitting here in our Brooklyn Airbnb polishing off the last of my breakfast (an avocado followed by leftover ice cream cake).
We will be leaving in about an hour to head to Bradley's for the last segment of the Birthday in NYC sisters adventure. The whole time has been so much fun!
Jenn came Tuesday night. Tom and I picked her up at the airport and we had dinner at the Long Horn.
I picked up Sue at the crack of dawn on Wednesday and then Tom drove us to the Hamilton train station. We took a subway to our place in Brooklyn (very nice).

Assorted activities:

Tugboat ride on the E. River

Ill-fated trip to the wrong cemetery
Subway ride to Times Square (Q)
Deli pre show dinner

Cemetery visit

Party prep/Movie- "A Star is Born"

Family birthday dinner and after party ice cream cake

Coming up: Visit with the Bradley Kayes

I also get to have the sisters with me for tonight and tomorrow. Airport departure: Sunday afternoon.
So much fun!