Saturday, August 28, 2021

End of summer.....happy to be retired!

 It's hard to believe next week is September! 

Pandemically speaking, we felt freer for awhile, but spiking (mostly due to Delta variant) is happening again and we are at the "ready for the booster" stage. Sad to have missed two years' worth of time share travel. :-(  but not feeling ready to venture out (even if we had any points left!)

Here are some photographic memories from the last month and a half!

Aug. 27 lunch at Marcia's with Joanne on zoom
Jean, Wilma, Judy, Ann, Marcia (I took the picture!)

 Tom eating at Mastori's dance night.

Met GeeGee for lunch

Sunset at the Fairgrounds on a dancing with Jeremy night.

Tom at the BCREA picnic at Wendell's.

With Jean and Jane at the Green Cats Cafe in Rancocas Woods

 On a neighborhood walk with Tom.

Tom at Mastori's for the first dance night there.

Zinna's Bistro- first time lunch with Gee since pre-covid!

Still zooming with Contact book club

Eastampton book club at Marion's.

Eating at Russos 

Cindy Hady- representing online dancing lessons I've been doing with her, and others.

So, we've been out to the movies and dancing inside at Prospectors, too, but no photos of those!

Today is Randi's pig roast....thunderstorms notwithstanding....!

Sunday, July 18, 2021

Remembering Jeff on his birthday-July 18, 2021

 I am so grateful to be able to watch the memorial video Bradley and Jeff's boys put together. So many heartwarming photographic memories and Jeff singing....

Monday, July 5, 2021

Boryana Straubel and Independence Day2021

 This NY Times article about Boryana Straubel's life (she just died at age 38, hit by a car while riding her bicycle) hit me hard. What an amazing woman, may she rest in peace.

Meanwhle, happy July 5th birthday to Tony DiCerbo.

Closest Tom and I got to seeing in person fireworks this year was while walking outside (walking is part of the hip replacement recovery process) last night.

Here's to a brighter America in the days to come! 

Monday, May 24, 2021

Prayers for Tom

 Later today we are driving to Abington for Tom's surgery. They are removing the melanoma from his eyelid. I will drive us home and then we are back in the area tomorrow for his eyelid reconstruction. I pray that all goes well. I love him so much!! <3

We ate at a diner in Mt. Holly the other day - Southside or something like that. It was good.

We've also been out to the movies five times and dancing at the Fairgrounds with Jeremy.

Craig and Donna have gotten inside dancing up and running but we haven't gone yet because of Tom's upcoming procedures...just to stay safe. We are looking forward to getting to dance on Prospectors new floor. 

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Back to the Future

 Tom and I are back into movie mode and feeling comfortable about being in the theater(s) ....not the least reason being we are the only ones in the audience! We've seen four so far this week.

We also saw Back to the Future on a big screen in Smithville Park in drive in style from the comfort of our car. 

Other outside activities include dancing in the Fairgrounds pavilion  in addition to the previously described Prospectors parking lot popups. 

Today my Eastampton Book Club group met outside the Rec Building for our discussion after a year's worth of zooms.

Speaking of zoom, Sunday we had fun playing with Nathan, the Mays, and Jennifer. 

Nathan has graduated!


With Tom's upcoming surgeries in mind, we are exercising caution and not going inside with large groups, despite the post vaccination assurances

Saturday, May 8, 2021

A Roof and a Visit

The roof replacement was postponed two days due to weather but they came at 7 a.m. the morning of and after hours and hours of banging and scraping and a deluge of falling old tiles, it was over and our new roof was in place (and so was the new roof on the shed....) Yay.

Before all of that happened, we had the pleasure of a visit with Sue and Patrick. We met them at Gaetano's in Willingboro for lunch as they headed to Philadelphia on their first leg of the journey home- road tripping through W.Va, KY...AR...OK and flying the rest of the way home to CA.

Thursday, April 29, 2021

A visit to Antarctica and other April 2021 pandemic activities

 I didn't go to Antarctica but this presentation by fellow DKG member (Patti Rahn of Omicron) is so fascinating. It was a workshop tied to our recent Spring Convention. I hope sharing it here is okay- it was on You Tube, but maybe that is just a temporary platform. 

A Visit to Antarctica

This post vaccine month hasn't been too different from the last year of pandemic stay homedness, but we managed to keep busy.

Let's see....

Attended Cindy Hady's online class with guest teacher Rona Kaye (and opened a paypal account just for her!)
I was delighted to attend a virtual tour of The Barnes Collection

(thanks to Rutgers Alumni and Jane Murphy telling me about it).

Tom and I went for a walk on this beautiful 80 degree late April day.

Then there was the fun of Jennifer's bingo cards for watching the Academy Awards with. (Surprise! Chadwick didn't win which led to a very anti-climatic ending to the show.)

This year's TCNJ Alumni weekend had some virtual events I was interested in: trivia and bingo. I didn't win, but it was fun, even though most of the alumni were really young!

The virtual NJREA Spring general membership meeting went smoothly. (I hope our BCREA one is too!)

The SHIP Spring training was also virtual.

I have been to  many of their online trainings this season.

After the cancellation of the 2020 DKG convention, they decided to hold this year's virtually. It was so well planned and executed!

The workshops were available separately. (See the Antarctica link above).

It was a two day event.

We have been dancing outside Prospectors. They hope to get permission for inside dancing asap

Upcoming: We just heard the roofers are coming to do the job on Tuesday at 7 a.m. Whoo hoo! (That means we are okay with the Tiver soft wash on the scheduled May 11)

Tom's eye surgery May 24, reconstruction May 25, hip replacement June 30

Potential visit with Sue and Patrick May 3 (in Philadelphia for dinner not here?)

NJEA Communications workshop

Working the outdoor Friends of the Library book sale