Sunday, September 17, 2023

Gearing up for Fall 2023

 Tomorrow I'm car pooling to Ocean City with our Eastampton Book Club for lunch at Mary Lou's.

Yesterday after working the library book sale I went over to Prospectors for the Celebration of Jen's Life. The parking lot and room were packed with friends and family mourning the passing of my former student, Jennifer Durante Sullivan. I took a picture with the Masterson sisters and talked to Jimmy Hahn and Chrissy Harmon (former students all). 

It was good to see them, but for such a sad occasion.

Other September activities included the First Day of School Trip to Seaside (not fun for poor Tom), the DKG State meeting, dancing at Stardust and the Ag Center, and BCREA exec party at Wendell's. Still hoping to get together with Dina whose been back in NJ for weeks now.

Ran into Shari Kauffman at Prospectors!

Monday, September 4, 2023

Summer draws to a close

How much does it cost to run the outside water for 24 hours? I guess we'll find out at the next bill....(Accidents happen....)

So it's September, Labor Day, actually and Tom is out buying food.

We may actually be revisiting the Annual First Day of School Trip to Seaside on Wednesday. I hope it works out. Things are going to start getting busy again. Upcoming are DKG stuff, Library Book Sale, DEAR friends lunch at Dooney's (not a large response to my recent notification email....!) dancing (Sugarfootin' or Stardust??), SHIP webinars re Medicare Advantage plans for the upcoming open enrollment and more.

Oh, and also, on Aug. 31, doomsday for time share points, we made reservations for Myrtle Beach in October, Orlando in Dec., and Las Vegas in January.  Sounds like fun.

Saturday, August 26, 2023

Recovering from Atlanta tripping

 I am so glad we had a chance to stay and visit with the Moores around the celebration time with Samantha's folks at Harlan's bar mitzvah.

Dancing at the Heretic

Playing Scrabble

We saw Oppenheimer again, Beej and Mike for the first time. We all liked it! Great food and good times with the Moores!

The hotel at which we stayed in Alpharetta was 20 minutes from Sam's and the synagogue, but moments from an AMC theater and Top Golf. We saw Blue Beetle and Strays while we were there.

Post bar mitzvah spread at the synagogue

Natalie Lewis with Millie

3 generations

Bradley Benjie Harry at Sam's

Junie climbed the walls

Harry and Millie


Closest Tom's been to golfing in awhile

Private room at Top Golf with Tom

Buffet lunch in party room

Monday, July 24, 2023

Healthy at Home

 Well, the website is  and the exercises are easier than Max used to be but something, right? :-)

  Talking about healthy, Tom's not very :-(   and I am going to the doctor tomorrow for weird tongue-ness, so there's that.

  Meanwhile, I had fun at Jeremy's dancing yesterday in Roebling at the Oddfellows lodge party. I won a door prize (everyone seems to have!) and didn't win the 50-50

We've danced a few times at Prospectors (loving the new stamp 10 get one free cards!) after a long stretch of not.

Movies have included Barbie and Sound of  Freedom, Asteroid City, Mission Impossible, and others.

Still plans to be made for the Atlanta trip. 

Cody has a wedding date and venue set! :-)

Other July events were:

Piscataway lunch at Zinna's Bistro

Eastampton Book Club

DEAR Friends Lunch at Dooney's Pub

Friends of the Burl Co Libe Board Meeting

Friday, June 30, 2023

Poor Tom!

 I went to bed after 3 a.m. Thursday morning. Tom woke me up at 5  to take him to the ER because he thought he might be having a stroke. By the time we left at 8, we knew it was x Bell's Palsy.   

Poor Tom! But better than a stroke for sure. He is doing okay, but it is hard to eat and drink with a drooping mouth (his eye seems okay so far. It is the left side...which is the eye he couldn't see out of and is working on getting better already.... )

In other news since I last wrote.... our air conditioner  broke in the heat, but Martinelli came to fix it.

I had lunch with Gee Gee. (I also had lunch with Judi more recently, but didn't take a picture. And then, sadly, she wrote to tell me Ron's wife passed away)
Contact book club

Baseball books in honor of  Lynn.

Eastampton Seniors Book Club

Marcia and me at Dooney's

DEAR Friends group June lunch

Saw Dan and Kathryn at the DEA Retirment lunch

Bumped into Susan K. at the Senior Expo

Lots of photos from the 2023 CMA Music Fest in Nashville.

SW Airlines view

Nissan Stadium at CMA Fest 2023

Met up with Ed and Cory Goss

Fast visit with Sue and Patrick

DKG Meet up at Skye's

Chris DeFazio came by the library book sale!

BCREA Spring Luncheon

Eastampton Book Club

BCEA Presidents Dinner (Evening in Paris theme! Bon jour!)

Judi Harrington and me at the May DEAR Friends lunch

Lunch with Gina and Ann

Judi and me at NJREA Spring lunch

NJEA Communication Tools Workshop

Posing with Rosemary Smith DEAR Friends lunch

So, yes, I guess I've been keeping busy since tax season ended. Add movies, dancing, and even just started HRB classes to get ready for next tax season. (Did I mention I watched all 19 seasons of Grey's less than 3 weeks?)