Sunday, July 7, 2024

Tom's health

 I am heading back to visit Tom in the hospital. This is the second stay. First they called on the Friday following his doctor's appointment and said to go to ER based on blood test results. They gave him anti biotics for a UTI and sent him home last Sunday.

Wednesday he was falling a lot and delerious and an ambulance brought him to ER. He was admitted and hopefully will be out in time for a scheduled PET scan on Wednesday (assuming the authorization wasn't messed up again :-(

The outcome of the PET scan determines what happens next for poor Tom.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Happy Anniversary of Love!

 26 years ago today Terri Warm and I took Tom to Seaside with us for my annual Day After the Last Day of School Trip to Seaside. We had all been friends dancing for about three years, but that day Tom and I had a sudden "love at first sight" experience and we've been together ever since! <3 

It would be great to go to Seaside again to celebrate, but sadly, Tom's health is not good. I am really worried. We will know more after the doctor appointment on the 27th.

I have photos from this year's CMA Fest. (I didn't renew...I don't know what next year will be like).  I had fun but Tom was really tired and not feeling well a lot so he missed a bunch of daytime and most nights we went home early. They don't have any games or giveaways anymore and Fan X is empty. Disappointing and crowded(but still great!). The weather was best ever and our new hotel was very centrally located for getting to both town and Nissan.

Since being home Tom has had surgery, we've danced some, finally went to a June movie quick before June is over, and I got my car inspected and eyes checked.

Oh, I told Toni (who is going to be BCREA Prez now that Alnetta resigned) that I would take over Membership (Ang resigned too).

Monday, June 3, 2024

Nashville, here we come!

 It's June and that means it's time for the annual trek to Nashville for the CMA Music Fest!

Recent past events have included Cody's wedding weekend with Jenn and Jassy and Aypril as well as the library book sale, BCREA Spring luncheon/meeting and more.

Senior Dance Party


BCREA Spring 2024

Cemetery visit

Tuesday, April 30, 2024

April Showers....

 Quick before April is over....

Tax season ended. I attended theNJREA Spring luncheon, the BCEA Minority workshop, the Burlington County Earth Fair, the Burlington County Resource Fair, and a couple of SHIP webinars.

I need to call Gee Gee and Marian and my DEAR friends and Ann Taylor and set up some meeting dates.

We saw a test result indicating that Tom has cancer and I am devastated. No word from Dr. Berkman and Tom has been putting off calling him. 

Jennifer and company will be here in like three weeks for Cody's wedding weekend.

Friday, March 22, 2024

Time MARCHes on!

 The month has been busier than I expected, HRBlock-wise.

I'm still mostly out of touch with everyone, but Tom and I have managed to get to a dance or movie or dinner out upon occasion.

Today is a Friends of the Burlington County Library Board meeting and I have created a possible solution to consolidating the votes and comments on funding requests between meetings. Here is the link Board members would get, assuming this idea is workable/accepted.

I hope I get to meet with Gee Gee, Marian, DEAR friends, Janet and more in the near future.

In other news, Sue and Patrick leave for a month in London tomorrow, Jenn survived a near heart attack, Cody's wedding is coming up in May, and Caitlin is having baby number 2 in the near future.

Sunday, February 25, 2024

Busy at HRB

 I finally had a day off from HRB and spent it on a double shift at the library book sale. That was Friday, Feb. 23).

Tom and I have been to some movies and a little dancing but mostly I leave him at home alone for the long days. I hope he is doing better.

We discovered Dickie's Barbecue and like it. 

I took advantage of the mobile DMV and got a REAL ID NJ license.

No new photos to speak of....hoping to see Gee Gee and Dina and Marian when the tax season doldrums hit....

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

Good-bye Kidney, Hello Winter

 Tom's surgery on Jan.3 was long and they ended up taking his kidney. Hopefully all the cancer that was headed up to it was eliminated with that action.

He was in the hospital for six days and opted to come home rather than to to rehab. I have been watching over him during this slow (and painful) recovery period.

(Not so) funny story....when it was time to drive away with him from the front of the hospital my battery had died. Happily, a hospital security guy got it charged up for us. (Follow up...the battery was fine the next three times I took my car for errands, but I ended up buying a new one at Triple A anyway (it failed when they checked it).)

So it snowed and got cold on Tuesday through now and it is supposed to snow again (lightly!) on Friday. I think driving Tom to his eye shot appointment on Thursday will be fine. I ended up cancelling lunch with Marian today (I forgot!) but driving is probably good today too. (I need a hair cut!) (I hear the wind blowing outside my computer room window. I'll bet it is really cold).

We haven't danced or gone to a movie since 2024 started. :-(   

I haven't had much time scheduled to work at Block. The three people I was working with all ended up pretty complicated. I love reading all the issues people have in the community chat (there are a lot!)

Getting ready for surgery

Walking is good therapy

DEAR lunch at Dooney's  

Joshua and Claudia had a baby girl!